6 Gay Pride Celebrations Around the U.S. You Shouldn't Miss

6 Gay Pride Celebrations Around the U.S. You Shouldn't Miss

Best Gay Pride Celebrations Around the U.S. You Shouldn't Miss

Gay pride celebration is full of passion in United Sates. During gay pride month every year in June lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) get together to celebrate equality, love and gay rights. Gay pride celebration drives hundreds of thousands of people of different religions, ethnic background and sexual orientations to celebrate. Following is the list of top gay pride celebration destinations in USA. These cities are also gay-friendly throughout the year in the country.

New York City Gay Pride

NYC Pride — New York City, New York
New York City is the historic place for LGBTQ community. Yes, this modern gay rights movement was started here in New York at Stonewall Inn, an LGBTQ bar, during 1969. There were riots and friction between LGBTQ community and police. That's a history and now gay pride has become one of New York's popular festivals. During late June, people get together to celebrate the pride month through events including rally and parade. I would recommend to be at the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street to watch the parade.

Washington, D.C., Capital Pride — Washington, D.C.
It's capital pride in Washington, D.C. As we all know it gets lot of political attention and vibe being in capital. It's sometimes get special attention when government is making any adjustments on gay rights and equality issues. Capital gay pride celebration starts during first week of June before D.C. Black pride celebration. You may also consider to make a trip to New York from there to enjoy early events related to NYC pride.

Chicago gay pride celebration

Chicago Pride - Chicago, Illinois
Chicago pride is popular in the country. Chicago pride celebration is full of energy and colors featuring eye-catching floats, music and fun. Pride celebration makes their way through famous Boystown, the historic heart of Chicago's LGBTQ community. Chicago pride celebration takes place on the last Sunday of June. Through June month, there are plenty of activities in Boystown as part of the celebration. Also, 2-days festival occurs a week before pride celebration on Halstead street.

San Francisco Pride — San Francisco, California
San Francisco pride is one of the largest gay pride celebration in the country. Nearly 1 million people get together to celebrate equality, love and gay rights to participate in parade. San Francisco is known as world's gay mecca. If you really want to attend one gay pride event in the country, then you must consider to attend San Francisco pride during late June.

denver gay pride

PrideFest — Denver, Colorado
PrideFest in Denver, Colorado is known as the most family friendly gay pride events in the U.S. Gay pride fest in Denver takes place during mid-June and features events such as concerts, parade, parties and family friendly events. Dogs in drag parade is one of the most popular events in the PrideFest.

Key West Pride — Key West, Florida
Key West, series of tropical islands, is perfect place for those who wants to celebrate gay pride island style. Yes, Key West pride celebration is full of laid-back vibe different than big cities Miami, Chicago and New York. Key West pride celebrations start during early June featuring LGBTQ friendly activities and parade. It's very low key island style pride event.

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